Welcome to my website.  My desire with this site is to share some of the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the past 20 or so years.  In that window of time, I have worked in sales (the cold calling kind), customer service, management and leadership.  And yes, there IS a difference between management and leadership.

I am a curious person by nature and love to learn for the sake of learning.  One thing that has spurred a passion in me is the entire sphere of leadership.  I got my first itch to study this back in the late 80s when I read “In Search of Excellence” by Tom Peters.  I now have a “library” of over 30 leadership books, not including those I borrow electronically from the library.  And I’m just getting started.  My current reading list of leadership books includes over 300 titles and is growing all the time.

I am also a nature lover and volunteer my time with a Boy Scout Troop.  As a result, I spend a great deal of time working with youth and camping.

Many of my thoughts on leadership, coaching and learning can be applied to both the business world and the volunteer world.  I have found that the Boy Scouts of America teaches many leadership lessons that only those on the “inside” ever learn.

I will always encourage comments and thoughts.  I never claim to have a corner on all the good ideas.  Thanks for visiting jruggles.com.