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Failure to plan is planning to fail

We tend to think of this quote from Benjamin Franklin as a business quote.  However, it can come into play in all aspects of our lives, from the serious to the mundane. How many times have you gone to the… Continue Reading →

Time For Diligence

With the holidays approaching, the thought occurred to me today that I have an opportunity to face the Monster head on.  This will be a good challenge to see who comes away the winner. I got myself through Halloween relatively… Continue Reading →

My Dark Monster Rides Again

Living with Diabetes (or as I call it, “My Dark Monster”) is a daily and formidable battle. My Dark Monster is like the little devil that sits on your shoulder and tells you what you want to hear.  It encourages… Continue Reading →

Changing Your Lifestyle – The Struggle Is Real

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t . . . you’re right” This is a quote attributable to Henry Ford.  And it can be a tough one to swallow.  But you know what?  It’s true.  It especially hits… Continue Reading →

A Look In The Mirror

I’ve received quite a bit of support over the past week since I “went live” with sharing my new reality.  I guess with 86 million of us out there, it stands to reason that there will be supportive people I… Continue Reading →

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